Speech Coaching

Amanda Arnold works with students of all ages, adolescents to adults, who seek to communicate effectively & authentically for:

  • interviews
  • presentations
  • performances
  • TV/video/film appearances
  • special occasions
  • professional and personal advancement

Amanda Arnold is a trainer and personnel/personal coach for personnel/personal coach for employees [small e], executives, and professionals who desire to:

  • upgrade their level of one-on-one, small group, or large group communications to:
  • improve customer service interactions
  • prepare for speeches
  • improve training sessions
  • prepare for media interviews

It has been said that speeches are like babies in that they’re easy to conceive, but hard to deliver! The key is preparation. With the help of an experienced, compassionate, and spot-on coach who is truthful yet encouraging, reach for your communication success.

Amanda Arnold is just such a coach. She provides you with personal training and proven techniques that replace nervous, self-conscious, grammatically-incorrect speech, or less-than-attractive vocal tones, with a poised, polished, yet personally-connecting style of speaking.

“Excellence is our goal for you and yes, that usually takes practice. As you practice with your coach, practice on your own, practice in a small group or class, you will amaze yourself — and may actually have fun!

When you see the difference in how you feel before and during key communication opportunities—when you hear how effective you are–your confidence zooms. Winning communicators become winners.”

— Amanda Arnold

When you are ready as an individual or business to enhance your chances of success with better speaking skills and/or improved customer relations, Amanda is ready to partner with you and your company as a trainer/coach.