With an extensive background in TV news, video production, copy writing, and voice over for radio and television spots, Amanda has the expertise to help you formulate a fine-tuned vision of your desired elements to be used in internal and/or public communications. She then co-creatively translate that vision into a effective and excellent reality, meeting your needs on time and within budget.

Amanda Arnold serves in any or all of these capacities:

  • producer
  • collaborator
  • production liaison
  • writer
  • narrator
  • on-camera host/interviewer
  • performance/communication coach
  • consultant for your Marketing/Training/Educational/Broadcast/Website videos

Questions to get your business project defined & started:

Q. Who is your audience?

Q. What is the purpose of the video/TV or radio spot or program?

Q. What components are available/required/desired? (Pre-existing video, film, and photos may be integrated with new interviews, video, sound & music sources, stock footage, etc.)

Q. How long is the piece—minimum to maximum?

Q. What is your budget—minimum to maximum?

Q. Do you already have a preferred video production company, or would you like Amanda to recommend and/or obtain quotes from selected quality production companies in your area?

Legacy Videos

A Treasure Beyond Measure

Precious moments with loved ones live on forever when Amanda gently interviews children, parents, and grandparents to capture favorite stories, songs, family history, hymns, recipes, jokes, wishes, advice and lessons.   Naturally curious and personable, Amanda creates such a comfortable, relaxed, conversational environment that loved ones’ initial self-consciousness quickly vanishes. To the final DVD, family photos, videos, and music can be added to edited interview(s). Legacy Videos are a unique gift to give or receive.  Contact aarnold@amandacom or call either (305) 761-3300  or (334)792-9665 for more details. Preserve your family’s memories today.